Take a Walk Through Our Future Yurt

Ever since Chris and I have been telling people that we are planning to build a yurt to live in year-round, there has been one major misconception. After explaining what a yurt is, many think we will be living in a tiny house. When we tell them that we are choosing a 40-footer which will yield 1256 square feet, they are often surprised and impressed. Yet there is still one large question that is often in their minds whether they ask it or not. Will we be living in one giant room with no separation or privacy? The answer is no. Our 1256 square foot home will be equipped with rooms just like any other home. We will have bathrooms, and bedrooms separate from the main living space.

While we realize our design ideas will probably change a zillion times from now until we actually finish building, we have a general idea of how we want our home to be set up.

Take a trip through our imagination to get an idea of what we have in mind…


Imagine driving on our road and turning onto our long driveway with thick, protective woods on either side. After a little ways, the trees part to reveal a beautiful round clearing
with a round home nestled inside it. You park your car and walk up the stone pathway towards our front door. The smell of charred wood fills the air as you follow the scent to the smoke wafting out of the chimney. You walk up the steps to the front door and knock.

You hear a small but muffled meow, and footsteps. The door opens and our cat, Theodore, runs around your legs. Chris and I greet you, and welcome you inside. You step through to a large and open, yet cozy space. The outside curving lattice walls reach a height of 7’2” while the ceiling reaches much higher to a domed window at the center, spilling sunlight throughout. A line of straight walls the same height as the curved ones cut across the space, dividing it in a little less than half. A small loft is visible beyond with a wooden ladder connecting up to it.

14437293348_dd8e771a72_zAt the heart of the yurt lies the heart of any home; the kitchen. It sits comfortably beneath the dome window, casting lots of natural light on the shiny granite counter-tops with comfy bar-stools underneath. The curve of the counter-tops match the curve of the outside walls. Kitchen cabinets line the straight wall beyond. A door to the pantry is to the right of the kitchen with a door to the guest bedroom beside it. Next to that, the TV hangs gently on the wall with a comfy couch and squashy chairs quaintly arranged facing it.book-on-table-in-front-of-fireplace

You sit in a chair closest to you while you take your shoes off, one chair of several that all circle the wood-stove fireplace in between the entry and the TV area. Small side tables are
propped next to them, ready to hold glasses of wine or mugs of tea. To your left, a baby grand piano and a mandolin rest on an intricate rug. Just past that, there is the dining room table with a leafy green plant sitting happily in the center. Windows beyond showcase the vast view of the natural wood outside.

To the left of the kitchen lies a door to the main bathroom. Next to that, a door to the coat closet, where we hang your coat. A sliding barn door brings the inside wall to meet the outer lattice wall, which grants entry to the master suite.

img_4025We give you a tour and slide open the barn door. We all walk through a curving hallway with lattice walls parted by a window on the left side and his-and-hers closets on the right. A door to the washer and dryer are just past that. The hallway parts and opens up into the master bedroom with french doors to a back porch, a king size bed, and most interestingly, an open ceiling. The walls reach up to that same 7’2”, but they stop there, leaving the room open to the tall, slanted roof above. We explain that from our pillows, we can see the dome window above, and at night, views of the stars and sometimes the moon lull us to sleep.

Just beyond the bed is the door to our master bathroom. We take you back out into the main living space and show you where you will be sleeping. We open the door to the small but sufficient guest bedroom where a double bed looks out a glass pane window. The ceiling is not open like the master suite, but closed, serving as the floor to the loft above. We then show you the main bathroom that is sealed in a ceiling for privacy and houses a large tub and shower. Finally, we take you up the wooden ladder to the loft above the bathrooms and guest bedroom. There you find storage lining the walls, and a cozy space with lots of soft cushions, perfect for reading, or even extra sleeping if the need arose.

We take you down to the kitchen where you get comfortable on a bar stool at the counter. We offer you beer, wine, coffee, or tea and a cheese plate. Music plays softly over the speakers throughout the house.

toast-camp-foodsAs the evening wears on, we have dinner around the dining room table and offer you a
cocktail outside. Chris gets a fire going in the fire pit and we all sit happily around the evening fire. When we are ready, we each retire to our own bedrooms and go to sleep. When you awake, you are met with the sounds of birds chirping so clearly, it seems almost as if they are inside. A soft wind brushes the sides of the yurt offering the most comforting sound.

The smell of freshly brewed coffee meets your nose. You walk out to see a breakfast spread out on the kitchen counters starring our own fresh eggs. Morning light splashes in through the windows. We all chat the morning away until you are ready to go home. You pack up, put on your coat and shoes, and trek out to your car, hearing the chickens cluck away. You drive down our driveway looking forward to your next visit to our yurt.


Photo credit: Mr. Greenjeans via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-SAflossyflotsam via VisualHunt / CC BY